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How to Increase Sperm Volume With Pills and Without Pills? Best Methods in 2024!


Over the years, the talk about sex has always been taboo in one’s society. One cannot overhear someone talking about his genital or his sexuality in general. Nowadays, the once conservative society gives room for this kind of conversation between two people.

In fact, media has been the number one source of information regarding sex, and how to improve one’s sex life.

Importance of Healthy Sex Life

People can talk more openly about their bodies, as well as their concerns and issues. Words like an orgasm, sperm volume, penis, breast are household words frequently blurted out by people.

Men talking about sex life

Aside from this, men find it difficult to talk about genitals and its issues in a serious way, because men talks are usually centered on how to get women and how to use their weapon to get these female prey. Unlike women that can talk about their sexual organs to other women without getting embarrassed whatsoever.

It is significant for guys to experience great sex and have a healthy sex lifestyle.

Sex and sperm

Sex is an important requirement before any person can be called a man. For guys, it is also vital that they are fertile and not impotent since they don’t want to become a sheer source of mockery and insults from other people.

Sex and sperm

Accordingly, sperm is a status symbol of the male genital’s power to give pleasure to a woman. It is said that women enjoy men with lots of sperm. This is also the reason men want to increase sperm volume.

Men that can ejaculate more sperm are proven to be more appealing to women because they are thought to be more “powerful”. And there actually are many reasons for this. I will review them in the sections below.

Benefits of Increasing Sperm Volume

The reason men love to increase volume of their sperm loads is that it provides them and their partners more excitement and pleasure as it gives prolonged orgasms. It is very significant for a man to use his package so as not to be infertile.

For example, taking pills that increase sperm volume will trigger one’s sexual appetite and allow men to perform sex at its finest. In other words, sex pills like this one, serve as stepping stone or a door for healthier sex life and enjoyment.

Moreover, if you are looking for a way to prolong your own orgasms, then tablets that increase sperm volume are the thing for you.

Increase your sperm volume for better confidence

What can be more important to a man’s confidence than knowing that he can be an amazingly good lover again and again? The powerful combination of minerals and herbal substances is the fastest and most effective way to increase your sperm volume, impress your partner and get more pleasure out of sex than ever before.

This is why many sex therapists agree that sperm volume is a the key to a happy, healthy sex life. If a male partner is short on sperm, he is far more likely to suffer from depression and anxiety which may result in lowering sex drive, decreasing male libido and even causing male erectile dysfuncitons.

Better confidence

Increase your sperm volume for better fertility

When you have bigger sperm pools, you become better adapted for pregnancy. So, if you’re trying to conceive your wife it is crucial that you can deliver huge volumes of sperm during ejaculations.

If a man increases sperm volume, he is known to be more fertile and has better chances of conception. There are numerous studies that confirm a link between semen volume and fertility in men.

More sperm means better fertility

A 1995 study published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal looked at how normal levels of spermatozoa in sperm donors are related to fertility in infertile couples.

Men that averaged 18 million spermatozoa in semen fluid had a 36 percent chance of conceiving a child while those with 15 million or less were only at 24 percent.

A subsequent study in 2004 in the British Medical Journal verified the findings for a large cohort of infertile couples:

In fact, having large sperm volumes increased their fertility by 6 percent.

Another 2002 study found a link between the volume of sperm in semen and fertility. Although the researchers couldn’t prove that semen volume had an effect on conception, they noted that a man who ejaculates small amounts of semen generally has a lower chance of conception.

In studies that did use semen volume as a measure, sperm concentrations declined as men got older. Higher concentrations of semen were associated with better fertility, but some effects of younger age are masked by the effect of increasing sperm concentration, according to previous research.

Still, sperm count is just one measure of fertility, said Dr. Anna-Renee Dawson, an endocrinologist at Harvard Medical School who was involved in similar studies:

“Those who know what it is to struggle to conceive, or who have had children before and know what it means to have failed to become pregnant, can confirm that this may well be one factor of many,” she said. “But we are sure that increasing sperm volume is a good start point when a man wants to improve fertility and increase chances of conception and pregnancy.”

Now let’s find out how to increase sperm volume and motility.

How to Increase Sperm Volume?

There exist a couple of factors that may affect the amount of man’s sperm. A man’s age, diet, health, and heredity are just some of the key factors. The eagerness to increase volume means that a man should be aware of the influences the aforesaid factors play.

For instance, a man’s age plays a major part in increasing volume of sperm. Aging is oftentimes accompanied by a low sex drive, thus it brings about infrequent engagement in sexual activity. A reduced sexual activity eventually makes semen reservoir stop accumulating supply.

Methods to increase sperm volume

There are different methods to increase sperm volume:

  • Increasing sexual activity causes an increase in volume albeit only to some extent.
  • Improving a man’s blood circulation is also one way to enhance sperm quality and quantity.
  • Some say that including smoke oyster in one’s diet also increase the amount of your sperm. Oysters contain zinc which is beneficial to the prostate gland.
  • Anabolic steroids apparently also help in an increased quantity, although this is not advisable as this only causes temporary improvement and can be associated with severe side effects.

Lifestyle changes for increasing sperm volume

There are also lifestyle changes that can help men increase volume:

  • Avoiding bad habits such as drinking and stopping smoking can also contribute to increasing sperm volume.
  • Apart from a balanced diet, drinking plenty of water is also helpful. Regular exercise is also beneficial as it keeps your blood circulation normal, which is essential in sperm production.

All these can eventually lead to an increased sperm volume. This is no longer a cumbersome problem for men these days.

Lifestyle changes

As we learned before, when a man has more sperm, his orgasms can be more intense, longer, and more pleasurable. This is because his orgasm time becomes longer and this makes the experience more satisfying and even intense. In addition to that, a larger volume of sperm is a sign of a healthy reproductive system that signifies male fertility.

There are 2 major ways for a man to increase his sperm volume: using over-the-counter pills and supplements or without them. Let’s discuss them in details.

How to increase sperm volume without pills?

Let’s take a look at how to increase sperm volume without pills. Here are some things you can try:

  1. Don’t Ejaculate To Often
    • This can be a tough one for a lot of men. However, if a man wants to increase the volume of his sperm then he should try not to ejaculate more than once per day.
    • The general rule is that the more sperm is that is released in small amounts means less amount ready for the bigger sperm load.
  2. Choose a healthier diet
    • Eating a healthier diet that is balanced and full of fruits and veggies can be of beneficial aid when increasing volume.
  3. Avoid bad habits
    • Not only is smoking bad for the lungs, but it’s bad for healthy sperm. If you can give up smoking once and for all, you’ll definitely increase the volume of your sperm as well as improve your virility and overall health.
    • Drinking alcohol also leads to a lot of bad health issues. Try to reduce the alcohol intake if you cannot give up completely.

How to increase sperm volume with pills?

Next idea is to find out how to increase sperm volume with pills.

How to increase sperm with pills?

There are some supplements a man can take in order to increase sperm quantity. A lot of this medicine that increases sperm volume is readily available on the internet.

These supplements promise a 100% guaranteed improvement in the quantity.

They are formulated with all-natural ingredients that are known to help men improve sperm production. They are reliable and highly effective natural herbal supplements that include Zinc, Maca, Cnidium Monnier, L-Arginine, Lecithin and many other minerals and vitamins to increase sperm volume.

However, this does not mean that they are ALL 100% safe. More often than not, immediate results do not exactly suggest that it is healthy. The best way to go is to improve all aspects of your life as well.

What Increases Sperm Volume?

Before a detailed review of the pills to increase sperm volume, let’s see what actually makes them so unique and what actually increases the volume of male sperm.

These ingredients can be found in the best pills to increase sperm volume:

Does Zinc Increase Sperm Volume?

Zinc is utilized by every living cell in the human body that helps absorb vitamins and nutrients. A highly regarded sexual ingredient for men that enhances sex drive, sperm production, orgasm pleasure, vividness, and recovery. Zinc also helps prevent premature ejaculation.


Actors in porn and adult movies use zinc to help increase sperm volume.

Male sperm contains large amounts of zinc. Supplementing the diet with zinc can increase the volume of prostate secretions, and thus the volume of sperm. Using zinc supplements is important, as our diets tend to be low in the foods that normally provide adequate zinc.

Does Maca Increase Sperm Volume?

Maca is a power-packed natural remedy used to help increase sperm volume, energy, and sex drive. Maca is a Peruvian vegetable exported in concentrated form as an energy tonic, aphrodisiac, and fertility enhancer.


Maca may also help counter fatigue, treat impotence, boost sexual drive and enhance sperm.

Maca is a great resource for men and helps with increasing their fertility and sperm volumes by providing the nutrients required for healthy reproductive function. Maca can result in increased sperm motility, too.

Does Lecithin Increase Sperm Volume?

Lecithin is a naturally occurring compound found in all cells in nature, plant, and animal. It plays a major role in almost all biological processes – including nerve transmission, breathing, and energy production. The word Lecithin is taken from the Greek Lekithos, which means “egg yolk”.


A fitting name for this essential nutrient for the egg is considered a symbol of life, strength, and fertility.

Lecithin is considered a symbol of life, strength, and fertility. Lecithin is important for all of these biological functions and more.

Does Cnidium Monnier Increase Sperm Volume?

Cnidium Monnier

Cnidium Monnier is used to improve sperm in men and some astringent quality, which means that it will help control ejaculation and allow erections to be maintained for longer periods of time.

Does L-Arginine Increase Sperm Volume?

L-Arginine is an important amino acid that plays a critical role in male fertility. Studies show sperm volume doubles, fertility improves, and sperm health and activity increase with supplementation of L-Arginine.


L-Arginine is used in sexual enhancers and people report longer and more intense orgasms with greatly increased volume of sperm when their intake of arginine is increased.

Does L-Carnitine Increase Sperm Volume?


L-Carnitine is important to membrane stabilization and is the most prominent form of carnitine found in sperm. It serves as an energy source for sperm, plays an important role in sperm maturation and metabolism and provides the primary fuel for sperm motility.

Does L-Lysine Increase Sperm Volume?

L-Lysine is a naturally occurring amino acid which is considered a major constituent of the human body. While this amino acid is found in numerous foods, L-Lysine supplements are often used for improving hair growth, skin conditions, and sexual performance, specifically in terms of sperm volume.

L-Lysine supplements

One of the primary effects which the L-Lysine has is that it maintains healthy immune function, and it is used to improve the human body’s response to stress. The immune system is directly connected to the testes, which affect sperm volume and overall fertility.

Since the testicles function primarily as the sperm producing organs of men, sperm volume is crucial to fertility.

As L-Lysine is used in supplements for males, it is often marketed for increasing the volume of sperm. As such, research into L-Lysine and the impact of L-Lysine on sperm volume has been done on male animals, and a few human studies were conducted for its effect on sperm count and testosterone levels. There was a conclusive evidence of an effect on sperm count and overall fertility for L-Lysine.

Vitamins that Increase Sperm Volume

Many types of diseases, as well as other dysfunctions, can affect sperm volume. Adding certain vitamins to correct these deficiencies and defend against oxidative stress is a simple strategy to naturally boost sperm volume.

There are many different types of vitamins that can help improve sperm quality. Ideally, before starting supplementation, you should consult with your physician to determine if you have any kind of vitamins deficiency that may affect your sperm.

However, when taken in correct dosage as a part of supplements that increase sperm volume, these vitamins are proven to be very safe and effective.

Vitamins that Increase Sperm Volume

The best vitamins for increasing sperm volume are as follows:

Increase Sperm Volume with Vitamin C

Among the most essential antioxidants is vitamin C. People, unlike many other types of animals, cannot produce vitamin C, thus we must obtain it via food.

Vitamin C is also critical for the production of sperm. Vitamin C has been shown in studies to improve many aspects of sperm quality in men, including sperm volume and count.

10 weeks of vitamin C treatment tripled sperm count, according to another study in Berlin, Germany. Participants in the study also saw enhanced sperm motility and lower percentage of damaged sperm cells.

Increase Sperm Volume with Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is a vitamin that aids in the creation of cellular energy in a variety of ways during the process of metabolism.

B12 is also associated with the formation of sperm cells, which is rather predictable.

When it comes to boosting sperm volume, scientists have shown that taking a proper dosage of vitamin B12 is just as helpful as treating with antioxidants.

Increase Sperm Volume with Vitamin D

Vitamin D is different from other vitamins because it is a vitamin and a hormone at the same time. Vitamin D has a significant impact on a variety of biological mechanisms, namely male fertility.

Men with higher vitamin D levels had overall better fertility and sperm volume, according to an evaluation of 33 publications in 2019-2021.

Given that approximately 40% to 50% of males worldwide are vitamin D deficient, boosting vitamin D intake from food sources and/or sunlight is a sensible decision. Additional intake may be required if you stay in a colder or wet climate.

Increase Sperm Volume with Vitamin E

Vitamin E is an antioxidant that is important for overall health and has been studied in relation to male reproductive health, including sperm quality and volume. While vitamin E is not a direct stimulator of sperm production or volume, it can play a role in maintaining and protecting the health of sperm.

Here’s how vitamin E can affect sperm health:

  • Antioxidant Protection: Vitamin E acts as an antioxidant, which means it helps protect sperm from damage caused by free radicals and oxidative stress.
  • Improved Sperm Motility: Some studies suggest that vitamin E supplementation may have a positive impact on sperm motility, which is the ability of sperm to move effectively.
  • Protecting Cell Membranes: Vitamin E helps maintain the integrity of cell membranes, including those of sperm cells.
  • Enhancement of Fertility: While vitamin E may not directly increase sperm volume, it can contribute to overall sperm quality and may enhance fertility by improving sperm health.
  • Treatment of Penis Curvature: Vitamin E is a recognized and proven treatment for Peyronie’s disease, it can assist in correction of penis curvature and potentially improve erections and ejaculations.

Increase Sperm Volume with Folate

Another B vitamin that is vital for male fertility is Folate. It has been shown in several experiments to improve sperm volume.

It has also been shown in certain studies to improve other sperm functions such as motility, morphology, and viability, which can increase the chances of conception.

Folate supplementation boosted sperm quality by 43 percent and overall sperm volume by up to 113 percent, according to another study in Madrid University, Spain!

How to Increase Sperm Volume with Vitamins and Minerals?

Low sperm volume and poor sperm motility are prevalent issues among males, accounting for around half of all cases of male fertility problems.

Vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, such as those mentioned in this article, have been demonstrated to significantly boost sperm volume. If acquiring these nutrients from diet is difficult or impossible, supplementing may be an option; if you’re not sure where to begin, look into the pills for increased sperm volume listed below.

Pills that Increase Sperm Volume

Sperm Volume Pills
Sperm Volume Pills

All these abovementioned all-natural ingredients are what make pills that increase sperm volume so unique. These amazing pills are a sexual performance booster like no other. Not only that the pills guarantee you get an erection when you need it, but they also help increase sperm volume.

And better performance in bed is the forerunner of a lot of good things in a relation, like a loving partner and that nice feeling of content about the house.

Best pills to increase sperm volume

Now that we know how to increase sperm volume with medicine, let’s take a look at what we found to be the best pills to increase sperm volume: VolumePills.

VolumePills is a complete system that contains all the necessary nutrients you may need to experience powerful orgasms.


The VolumePills work fast as an effective method that can hit the target when a man tries to recover his sexual might and when he wants to satisfy his partner.

It is easier to do with increased sperm amount that you get thanks to these pills. Take advantage of the united benefits these sperm volume pills feature and make your sexual intercourse fabulous. Let your partner yearn for more sex with it. Enjoy every pleasure life brings and do not exclude the sexual aspect from it as it is necessary for happiness.

After you succeeded and achieved a bigger amount of sperm thanks to this remedy, you will notice that there is much work for your penis as it has to ejaculate all this. With big volumes, the quality of orgasms is also boosted.

How pills that increase sperm volume work

When muscles of your penis have to contract with bigger power to cope with the task, you feel it quite differently. And all this contributes to a pleasurable and enjoyable experience. Ejaculations become a determining factor that presents the intensity of orgasm every time you have sex.

Increase sperm for better orgasms

VolumePills employ herbal components using a formula that was created to improve your life and make it brighter.

You do not only enjoy sex but other advantages as well. Safety is one of them. You can take the pills without the danger of side effects.

Try the best pills without risks!

Best pills without risks

In case you decided to feel the taste of life and remember your youth when you had solid erections and great sex, do not forget that you can make it real again. And this is all possible with VolumePills.

You can become healthier and make your partner happier as you take these pills. They are tested by many healthy men who improved their lives with it. Your turn has come to do it, too.

Use this link to the official website to get a discount when you order VolumePills!

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