[New Facts!] How to Increase Ejaculation? Find the Best Pills to Increase Ejaculate Volume That Will Work in 2024!


Some men do not enjoy their sexual life when they turn 40 as much as before. Having new partners do not bring new, exciting changes they are looking forward to. It is important to understand that they are responsible for their problems. When did you last go to a health club or eat healthy food?

A sedentary lifestyle also leads to health and sex problems.

You start noticing that you need more time to respond when your partner caresses your penis and you do not have those powerful and exciting orgasms anymore. Many men start panicking as they do not know whether the condition will improve or go worse.

How to Improve Sexual Life After 40?

The good news is that the situation will improve if men find time to relax, relieve stress and increase their testosterone level and probably ejaculate volume.

How to produce more ejaculation?

Some men may believe that producing more ejaculation is not important.

However, more ejaculation gives you the possibility to have longer and more intensive orgasms.

The bigger ejaculation you have, the longer the orgasm you will experience. That’s why it’s recommended to find out how to increase ejaculation.

How to Increase Ejaculation?

If your ejaculate is thicker and chunkier than usual it is most likely nothing to be alarmed about. Ejaculate can vary each time and depends on numerous factors such as diet, drinking habits, etc.

However, if you feel any discomfort while ejaculating such as pain or burning then you should seek medical attention from a doctor as soon as possible.

Do not be embarrassed about speaking to a doctor about your problem.

How to increase ejaculate volume?

How to increase ejaculate volume?

If you are not experiencing any pain when ejaculating but want to find a way to increase ejaculate volume, then you can try the following things:

  • Drink More Water – dehydration also affects your ejaculation volume. If you are dehydrated your ejaculate is not getting enough fluids. You just need more water to increase ejaculation volume.
  • Ejaculation More Often – if you haven’t ejaculated for some time you can get a higher semen count in it, hence the reduction in water content and thus a thicker consistency.
  • Don’t Ejaculate To Quickly – when you are sexually aroused your testicles fill up with seminal fluids, also known as precum, which thins your ejaculate. If you ejaculate before precum gets a chance to build up then your ejaculate will most likely be thicker.
  • Try pills to increase ejaculation volume – these ejaculation volume enhancers are formulated not only to help increase the volume of your ejaculation but promote healthier semen as well.

How to increase ejaculation during andropause?

Men notice that their former youthful exuberance and ravenous virility are slowly diminishing when they reach the age of 40 and onwards – sometimes called “Andropause“. This is when males experience hair loss, bone loss, insomnia or other sleeping problems, and problems with memory and calculation.


They often feel cranky, fatigued, and less motivated. Or sometimes these are accompanied by sweating and flushing, loss of muscle mass and strength, aches and pains, increased fat, decreased sexual performance or erectile dysfunction, and depression.

Most men who reach midlife will basically experience one or all of these in varying degrees.

Since testosterone is a hormone that helps maintain sex drive, increase ejaculation, pubic and body hair, muscle, and bone, the consequences of andropause slowly emerge when a man ages.

But you can opt to battle it out and alleviate or even avoid the symptoms brought about by andropause.

You should have a strategy that incorporates lifestyle approaches such as optimal diet, regular exercise, stress management, and you can also try to stop smoking.

How to increase ejaculate volume after vasectomy?

Vasectomy surgery is a procedure performed on the vas deferens, the tubes that put sperm into your semen when you ejaculate. Getting a vasectomy means that you’ll no longer be able to get your partner pregnant.


A vasectomy has no effect on the hormones, bodily processes, or penile structures that affect your ability to get an erection or ejaculate after orgasm. However, the sensation of ejaculation during an orgasm can be affected after vasectomy.

Moreover, having more ejaculate can boost a man’s sexual performance for it helps in attaining a better quality of orgasm, sexual confidence, and most especially, increase the satisfaction of a man’s partner, something that is very important and crucial for men.

This is why many men want to increase ejaculation after vasectomy.

Ejaculation and Orgasm

With the innumerable benefits that intense male orgasms give, it is of no question why men shouldn’t give the slightest importance to this bodily pleasure. When men improve on their orgasms, chances are they also improve on the orgasm of their partners.

Male Orgasms

It is a life-altering experience for both of them. It is no doubt that men would rather die than not to have orgasms during sex. Most men would also attest to the fact that it is multiple orgasms in sex that they want to achieve.

Multiple orgasms are hard to achieve especially because of men’s lack or failure to concentrate.

They become very conscious of their bodies. Having focus during sex is yet another way to feel the intensity of the sensations involved during this activity. While it is true that the brain is the largest sexual organ as it has the power to change the way we think during sex, we can’t just rely on that.

And much as men want to be maniacs in bed all the time, this is just no mean feat. But why have multiple short orgasms when you can have one but long and powerful ones?

How to intensify male orgasms?

Intense male orgasms are no illusion as they can be achieved. There’s a lot of sure-fire ways to do so and a lot of factors that can help men achieve them like the right position, a rhythmic pattern, the right lighting, or even satin sheets.

But the best way of doing so is to start with your body. Healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition, and plenty of exercises improve your body’s ability to enjoy life, including your sexual life!

  • Men should know their bodies and their potentials during sex.
  • They should know how all the aspects of the male reproductive system works and how it can be enhanced.
  • The male reproductive system should be nourished and toned.

Ejaculation and Male Orgasm

There is a quite simple way: increase the volume of your ejaculate. If you do so, you can achieve powerful, longer and more intense male orgasms.

Orgasm is accompanied by releasing sperm from the penis. The more sperm you have, the more powerful your orgasm is. Go ahead and learn how to have stronger ejaculation.

Benefits of Increased Ejaculation

Benefits of Increased Ejaculation

The ejaculation volume is also affected by the contractions one experiences during orgasm. The harder the contraction, the more ejaculation is released. So if sperm production is going normal, the intensity of contractions may be at fault for unsatisfactory ejaculation.

If this is the case, then honing the strength of the reproductive parts related to contractions must be done.

The pubococcygeus muscle, anal sphincter, rectum and perineum, ejaculatory ducts, and the muscles around the penis are the ones responsible for contractions during the orgasm. Enhancing these parts is a logical and practical approach to achieving more sperm.

Woman not happy

A vast number of women acknowledge that the reason why they break their relationship with a partner is that the latter repeatedly fails to give the expected sexual experience. As inquiry reveals, women are more attracted to men who are capable of blowing their minds and rocking their bones. Women differentiate men with good potency from other ones.

So whether it be the frequency or the quality, the problem on how to increase ejaculate volume is not really a major problem anymore these days.

Sexual liberation, medical, and technological innovations are very much in place for men’s welfare and advantage.

How to Increase Ejaculate Volume?

For modern-day men, both old and young, the concept of ejaculating more had widened from its obvious numerical connotation to its qualitative aspect.

It is now seen as both the frequency and the quality of each occurrence.

And this widening had helped men better understand their bodies and its processes relating to their sexuality and had put them in a better position to address all the problems relating to it.

Improving men’s ejaculation powers

Machismo is unstoppable, and men have found a way to make use of the sexual freedom they are now enjoying to further their masculinity, to increase the volume of ejaculation during intercourse. The young ones are the gaining end of more and more studies and innovations that are aimed at improving men’s ejaculation powers.

Improving men’s ejaculation powers

For the young who have just started exploring the wonders of their gender and sexuality, and also for the not so young anymore who started having problems relating to their ejaculation, it is worthy to be informed of the basic details regarding a normal ejaculation.

What happens during ejaculation?

Clinically, ejaculation is the process of ejecting semen from the penis. The more ejaculation you have, the longer the process is, and the better the orgasm you experience. The essence of ejaculation is a good, satisfying, and gratifying orgasm.

Ejaculation can also happen while asleep, while the inability to ejaculate on the other hand is called anejaculation.

If one wants to increase ejaculate volume, he must first assess his case.

What to consider if you want to increase ejaculation?

  • Is your ejaculation not normal to begin with?
  • If it is, then where is the need for more ejaculation coming from?
  • Whatever the need may be, in what level of ejaculation is the improvement wanted?
  • Frequency or quality?
  • If the concern is the frequency and one wants to ejaculate more almost as frequent as his breathing, sexual stimulation will be your greatest help.

Intended ejaculations only happen when one is aroused and there is physical stimulation of the penis whether by himself alone or with a partner. In wanting to have more frequent ejaculation, the availability of a partner, a place to do it, and the situational context are to be greatly considered.

Supplements for Ejaculate Volume

However, a man who desires to have frequent ejaculation must also understand that the more frequent he ejaculates, the lesser sperm he will have. This is the normal physiological response of the body to frequent ejaculations.

But a number of supplements for ejaculate volume are available to enhance the rapid replenishment and reproduction of sperm cells for men who are really wanting to have more frequent orgasms.

Supplements for stronger ejaculation

The aspect of the quality of ejaculation is a more meaty subject to explore and a more pertinent issue to most men who define the need to ejaculate more as to having more ejaculate. Good quality of ejaculation is mostly linked to the amount of ejaculate a man has whenever he ejaculates. As mentioned above, the average sperm volume is two to 15 milliliters.

However, a lot of men want to have more – and this is where they start looking for pills to increase ejaculate volume.

Ingredients of the Supplements for Ejaculate Volume

These pills usually contain different herbal ingredients, vitamins, and minerals proven to increase ejaculation volume as well as the quality of sperm cells in ejaculate.

The most common ingredients of these pills are:

  • Zinc
  • L-arginine
  • Vitamin B12
  • Lecithin
  • Folic acid
  • L-Carnitine
  • Selenium
  • and so on…

In order to better understand how these pills work to increase ejaculate volume, let’s take a quick look at how these ingredients actually affect ejaculation and sperm.

How to Increase Ejaculate Volume with Zinc?

What is Zinc?

Zinc, an essential trace mineral, plays a pivotal role in various physiological functions, including reproductive health. Found abundantly in foods like meat, dairy, nuts, and seeds, zinc is crucial for the production of testosterone, a key hormone influencing sperm production.

Testosterone, a key hormone, is closely linked to sperm production, making zinc essential for maintaining optimal sperm count and motility.

In the context of increasing ejaculate volume, zinc is particularly noteworthy for its impact on sperm quantity and quality. This micronutrient aids in maintaining the structural integrity of sperm cells and contributes to the overall health of the male reproductive system. As a result, ensuring an adequate intake of zinc through diet or supplements may positively influence ejaculate volume and fertility.

How to Increase Ejaculate Volume with Lecithin?

What is lecithin?

Lecithin is a category of fatty substances that can be seen in plants and animals. It is widely used in cosmetics, as well as in the dietary supplements market due to the numerous benefits it has in various processes in the human body.

Lecithin capsules

It has been known to reduce the effects of aging and promote skin health, among many other benefits. When taken orally, it has a number of beneficial properties such as anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, and it has been proven to affect sexual life, too.

When talking about sexual life, this natural product contains several important ingredients that help promote good semen quality and health.

Additionally, lecithin may help promote healthy digestion, lower cholesterol, and improve overall heart health.

Can Lecithin increase ejaculate volume?

Yes, Lecithin can be beneficial for male sexual health. Here are the top reasons why lecithin is a good supplement for your sex life:

  1. Lecithin promotes semen quality and increases testosterone levels.
  2. It helps prevent problems associated with low male sex drive by increasing sexual desire.
  3. Lecithin improves semen quality by supplying your body with the required components and increasing the production of the sex-related hormone testosterone.
  4. It may also be helpful in reducing sexual dysfunctions, such as premature ejaculation, inability to achieve orgasm, and inability to maintain a consistent erection during intercourse.
  5. In both men and women, the benefits may also extend to a better quality of sexual life.

It provides a natural source of the important ingredients that support overall male reproductive function. Although it can prevent problems associated with low sperm count, there is no scientific evidence that supports an increase in ejaculate volume when taking Lecithin supplements.

So if your goal is to improve the quality of your semen, Lecithin supplements are a perfect choice. However, if you are looking for a way to increase ejaculate volume in order to experience more powerful orgasms, Lecithin can be of little help.

Are lecithin supplements safe?

The research findings on the safety of lecithin supplements are not conclusive at this point in time. However, there is no evidence that Lecithin causes side effects and contraindications strong enough to ban this substance altogether.

Some men report minor side effects caused by Lecithin that usually go away after 3 to 5 days. These side effects include diarrhea, abdominal pain, and nausea. Some men also reported side effects such as dry mouth, increased blood pressure, and headaches. These effects are not common and there is currently no restriction from FDA or European regulatory agencies on the usage of Lecithin in dietary supplements for men.

However, Lecithin may increase male sexual arousal, which is related to increased testosterone production, increased desire, increased performance during intercourse, and finally cause an increase in ejaculation volumes.

How to Increase Ejaculate Volume with Selenium?

What is Selenium?

Selenium can be derived from natural sources or taken as a medication. Selenium is a part of so-called Selenoproteins; these are compounds that contribute to building DNA and prevent cells from damage. These proteins are often linked to fertility and hormonal regulation. Whereas the thyroid gland contains the highest density of selenium because of a few selenoproteins that aid thyroid function, the majority of selenium in the human organism is held in muscle cells.

Selenium is available in dietary supplements

Although selenium deficiency can cause a variety of health issues, chronic over dosage of Selenium may lead to a number of side effects, including muscular spasms, baldness, gastrointestinal disturbance, and dizziness, as well as more serious results such as heart problems, breathing difficulties, and renal failure.

Brazil nuts are extraordinarily high in selenium, with one nut holding more than the 100% of recommended daily amount. Consuming plenty of these nuts on a regular basis, along with supplementing with selenium in violation of the RDA, can lead to poisoning.

Can Selenium increase ejaculate volume?

Selenium is an essential nutrient that is clinically shown to have antioxidant properties. Dietary supplements that include Selenium have been proven to increase sperm motility in males suffering from infertility. Moreover, a mixture of selenium and vitamin E is said to reduce effects of harmful free radicals and boost reproductive performance.

This clinical study backs up the findings of a similar research, which showed that selenium treatment can promote sperm quality and male fertility, as well as increase the chances of a successful impregnation in infertile men. Although not all of the individuals reacted positively to Selenium therapy, more than a half of patients have seen an improvement in their sexual health and reproductive system.

Selenium treatment is increasingly advised as an important factor of public healthcare system in regions of the world with significant shortage of selenium in environment, based on recent findings that this element plays a crucial role in proper fertility levels in all living creatures.

Selenium insufficiency has been linked to a variety of sexual and reproduction issues, namely infertility in men and women, increased risk of miscarriage and other pregnancy complications, premature delivery, type 2 diabetes, and systemic inflammations, according to numerous studies.

Safety of selenium supplements

Selenium is known to be good for health during short-term treatment if consumed in amounts of no more than 0.4 mg per day. When consumed in excessive dosages or for an extended period of time, however, selenium may be harmful.

Getting more than a half of one mg of selenium per day can put you at risk for selenium poisoning. Even receiving lower and potentially safe amounts over an extended period of time can raise your risk of acquiring diabetes.

Selenium can induce bloating, headaches, and a skin infection. Male pattern baldness, exhaustion, diarrhea, fainting, and anorexia are all possible side effects of larger concentrations of Selenium in the human body. Permanent organ damage leading to death occur when extremely high doses of Selenium are taken.

If you are going to supplement, ensure that you get a quality brand. Many of the cheaper brands can contain more selenium than necessary. However, most manufacturers of ejaculation boosting pills include safe amounts of Selenium in their products in order to provide the safe and reliable solution that can help any man increase ejaculation.

Best Pills to Increase Ejaculate Volume

As we previously noted, there are supplements that include zinc, lecithin, selenium and other vitamins and minerals proven to increase ejaculation volume. Moreover, most of these products also increase libido, which might be a pleasant positive effect and therefore their use is especially recommended.

Finally, let’s quickly take a look at the best pills to increase ejaculate volume.

A good example of the best pills to increase ejaculation is Volume500.

Volume500: pills for more ejaculation

The components of Volume500 increase the natural production of testosterone, which leads to an increase in the amount and quality of sperm. Zinc and Dong Chong Xia Cao are responsible for this process.

Other components help in the blood flow regulation, which is necessary for strong and lasting erections.

Volume500 is one of the most effective methods to improve ejaculation in a natural way!

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