How to increase sperm production

Review of the Best Pills that Increase Sperm Production. Learn how to produce more sperm during ejaculation.

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We all know that sex is, sometimes, the best part of a relationship, but not many people realize that there are other benefits to sex than the usual 30 seconds of pleasure.

In fact, sex can be very accurately described as the glue that brings and holds together other aspects of a relationship between two people.

And since orgasm is the goal of every hot sex session, it might be worthwhile to take a closer look at it. Because pleasure is more than just something that makes us feels good here and now.

Male Reproductive Health and Sperm Production

Later studies showed that frequent sex and orgasms translate into lower death rates for both men and women and also lower risk of heart attacks. In other words, it’s in your best interest to have sex often.

Benefits of orgasms

What is Sperm Production?

Basic sex and reproductive education have it that the testicles are the ones responsible for the production of sperm cells. The Prostate Gland and Seminal Vesicle produce the semen that comes out with it during ejaculation.

Semen activates and protects the sperm as soon as it’s out of the penis.

Having established this basic premise, it is only logical to think that the amount and quality of sperm and semen these glands produce are dependent on how well they function or how healthy these glands are unless of course, other major factors play like terminal diseases and chronic illnesses.

This would then lead to the conventional wisdom that a healthy reproductive system (with all its parts well and working) is the fundamental element of a healthy sex life, of good orgasms and loaded ejaculations.

Clinical studies

Clinical studies
  • American Doctor Ted McIlvenna found that sexually active people draw far more joy from their lives than others. They also take fewer sick leaves, which should please every businessman.
  • Gynecologist Dudley Chapman contended that orgasms help the body fight infections, a proposition supported by psychologists from the Wilkes University.
  • A study conducted in Melbourne, Australia, found that frequent ejaculation between the ages of 20 and 50 helps dramatically decrease the risk of prostate cancer in men. This study ties with other research and suggests that regular orgasm in males prevents painful urination in old age.
  • According to these studies, frequent male ejaculation and ejaculation enhanced with sperm production pills is crucial for avoiding many prostate-related problems. Although there is still a lot of work to be done before science can provide us with a definitive link between ejaculation and a lower risk of prostate cancer, it’s obvious that a normal sex life has a positive effect on the overall health.

Do you want to increase a production of your sperm? The desire to increase sperm production is common for almost every man. And there are reasonable explanations for this desire. For example, some men connect it with great expectations of enhancing fertility and longer orgasms.

Hyperspermia and Sexual Performance

Good sex is good for the body but too much of it might cause sex-related diseases and even addiction to sex. Sometimes, this addiction begins due to hyperspermia which causes an excessive sexual performance that leads to frequent sex with one’s partners or with other people.

Hyperspermia is a condition where a man produces a larger than normal amount of sperm.

Hyperspermia may also cause an excessive libido and sexual desire. As a result, that person can’t last a day without having sex with someone, even pay prostitutes just to do it. Sex with strangers might trigger the development of HIV or STD to one’s body.

Sex addiction

Sex addiction resulted from people who use sex as an outlet for their problems and stress in life. Since they are emotionally and mentally drained, they use sex to gain pleasure and a good feeling via excessive sexual performance. Every day they keep on doing it just to survive a day.

Since they become dependent on sex, they find it hard to control their sexual urges. Accordingly, masturbation is one form of sex addiction where a man becomes dependent on objects to gain pleasure and comfort.

Need for sex

Sometimes, people who masturbate don’t want to have sex with real people. They would rather stay in their world of lust and imagination, as they pretend that the object of their fantasies is sexually satisfying. Although sex addiction may be a grave kind of addiction, it is curable and can be treated by going to treatment centers where the sex issues of the person can be openly talked about. In this way, the person will get better and start living a life without the need for sex.

Male Libido and Sperm Production

One of the saddest things that could happen to someone would be to find out that sex is not that good as it used to be due to lowering male libido.

Low Male Libido

There can be different libido problems like for example, you cannot get an erection or there is a problem with penis size or the orgasm is not really powerful.

Fortunately, modern medicine can help men with all these troubles, you can find out how to produce more sperm, how to increase sex drive and overall performance.

Causes of male libido problems

A man’s poor erection performance has many causes.

The main clusters of its causes are physiological and psychological. The physiological group is the one related to body functions and dysfunctions affecting the capability and power to have an erection. This is the area of concern that male libido pills aim to address. The psychological on the other hand are the ones related to the emotional and mental well being.

Most cases are attributed to physiological causes. Many cases of erection problems are effects of diseases common to men, and diabetes tops the list. Recorded medical data claimed that 50 to 60 percent of men affected with diabetes suffer from erectile problems.

The obvious effect of diabetes is the loss of vibratory sensations in the lower half of the body. The damaged inner walls of the blood vessels caused by diabetes results in hormonal deficiency and inadequate blood supply which is a requisite in having a good and rock-hard erection.

An unhealthy lifestyle also prevents achieving a full-blown erection.

Marital and relationship problems are a common psychological cause of failure to attain an erection. Family problems relating to finances, security, and future can be very stressful and prevent the mind and the body to respond accordingly to sexual stimuli. Stress from work, career, or profession is also a psychological root of erection problems.

These causes do not always require medical treatments or sex drive products like supplements to increase sperm production. Therapy from a psychologist, spiritual adviser, or meditation expert and supplements can help ease the effects of these factors.

Medical treatments

Penile implants and injection therapy are the first generations of medical treatment known to have significant wins against the health issues of men.

Penis injection therapy

Further studies had led to an improved humanity fight against erectile dysfunction by making it easier, more effective, and time efficient. Probably the most popular of the oral medication there is today is the Viagra. More than its promised benefits, Viagra gained more popularity because of the controversies surrounding it.

Side effects

Viagra is a medical drug, not natural pills, that is found to have side effects on men afflicted with heart problems and low blood pressure. Flushing, stuffy nose, headache, and indigestion are some of the basic unfavorable effects of Viagra.

The usage and intake of Viagra must be under a doctor’s monitoring. That is why we can recommend only natural pills – those small tablets that increase sperm production and can make your sex life wonderful!

How to Increase Sperm Production?

One should take certain measures if he desires to find out how to increase sperm production.

How to increase sperm production?

The results are unbelievable and the effect on male health is actually notable with it because male power, potency and the quantity of ejaculation are improved.

But many men like the truth that orgasm becomes more intense. Scientific findings open numerous methods of coping with the problems men face. Sitting on the fence isn’t popular anymore.

Researchers consider that the intake of certain supplements may be regarded as an excellent method to increase production of sperm. These sperm production supplements were specifically created for that. The use of dietary supplements to produce more sperm is not the only technique available, but it is a very favorable one. Medical professionals state that it’s safe and efficient, and sometimes even more efficient than Kegel exercises.

What to take to produce more sperm?

The variety of products for sperm production is great nowadays in this sphere. A special method was developed to achieve the specified result and let men produce more sperm. These products will help you experience stronger and longer orgasms, increase the amount of sperm and improve the look of semen by making it whiter and healthier.

Moreover, it can make the desired impact on your ejaculation and contraction strength. You’ll notice nice improvements in your sexual life, become more responsive and confident.

Top tips for increased sperm production

  • The best way to produce more sperm is to drink a lot of water during the day.
  • Make physical exercises to boost your general vigor.
  • Acquire healthy eating habits with a more balanced diet (replacing burgers and other fast-food varieties).
  • You’d better not smoke, but if you can’t give it up to try to control it. Science has already proved the bad influence of smoking on men power in bed and the amount of sperm.
  • It is also recommended to drink as little alcohol as possible. You should not stop drinking completely but do it within reasonable limits.
  • Do not forget about having a good rest. If you sleep enough every night, you will be full of energy and sex drive.
  • And at last, we must say, have an active pleasant sexual experience all the time – this will keep you fit and energetic.

Kegel Exercises for Increased Production of Sperm

How to increase sperm production?

This is one of the most common questions from males. We all want more sperm that squirts out across the room instead of those small sperm amounts that just trickle or dribble out. The good news is that you can improve the “shooting power” of your sperm with just a couple minutes a day doing a simple exercise to strengthen your PC muscle.

Kegel Exercises for Sperm

What is a PC Muscle?

If you ever started urinating and then squeezed to stop it in the middle of the process then you have already used your PC muscle.

Having strong PC muscles means having long-lasting, strong, and shooting ejaculations. Therefore, it is in your best interest to strengthen your PC muscle through constant exercises. Kegel exercises can be done just about anywhere since the only person that will know you are doing them is yourself.

By rapidly squeezing and relaxing your PC muscles during intercourse not only heighten your sexual responsiveness but can increase your female partner stimulation.

When a woman squeezes her PC muscle, many men say they feel like the vagina felt tighter. When a man squeezes his PC muscle, many women report feeling like they felt extra pressure on the top part of their vaginal walls(the most sensitive part), and some even claim that their g-spot gets stimulated.

Kegel Exercises

Here are some Kegel exercises you can use to strengthen your PC muscle:

  1. Squeeze your PC muscle and hold for the count of 5, repeat ten times.
  2. Squeeze your PC muscle ten times fast, repeat 3 times.
  3. Squeeze your PC muscle in intervals of long/short for a count of 10, repeat 3 times.
  4. Squeeze your PC muscle and hold as long as you can. Work your way up to 2 minutes.

Remember to repeat Kegel exercises every day for at least 2 months and you will notice you can produce more sperm!

Sperm Production Pills

But one shouldn’t end there. A man wanting to improve male reproductive health, increase sexual performance, boost male libido, and finally increase sperm production, must further explore his body and learn how to put it in harmony to help him achieve better ejaculation, more sperm that is.

One way is to discover ways on how to improve the reproductive parts affecting and relating to sperm using so-called sperm production pills.

Pill for sperm

That is why more and more men nowadays begin to look for supplements and vitamins to master their sexual skills and boost the production of sperm naturally. Not only natural sperm production supplements are available online today and can be easily acquired, but you can also give your preference to other sperm supplements products if you intend to increase the production of your sperm.

Firstly, consider multi-vitamins that will provide your organism with extra nutrients essential for you, especially if you work hard or lead an exhausting lifestyle.

You can increase sperm production right in the privacy of your home without possible negative effects. Researchers, as well as medical experts, have proven beyond a shadow of hesitation that pills for sperm can be safe and effective. You can find more information about pills to produce more sperm below.

Do sperm production pills work?

It is good to know that a normal man usually produces from 2 to 5ml of sperm at the time of ejaculation, though this amount may become much lower if you have a very active sexual life. Limiting the number of your intercourses is helpful if you want to improve the quality and quantity of your sperm. You cannot produce much sperm every time… or can you?

Let’s take a look at how these sperm producing supplements help men increase production of sperm.

Doctor approved sperm production pills

What you will definitely find beneficial in sperm production medicine is ingredients like Zinc. Zinc is known to be necessary for increasing the production of male sperm. Red meat, pumpkin, and celery contain much Zinc. You will improve your health and give your sperm a bigger volume at the same time by consuming products containing Zinc. As you understand, your sperm producing pills should include this element.

Do not forget to drink much water along with sperm production medication. If you want to make your body function properly and increase your sperm production, avoid dehydration and nurture your body. You may get the promising result of your sperm amount if you try the best sperm producing pills.

Best sperm producing pills

You may find the best sperm producing pills in our forum.

Maxatin: best sperm producing pills

Maxatin is one of these pills. Among the Maxatin components, you will find Pomegranate extract, Mucuna Pruriens, Zinc, and L-arginine. Many celebrities give preference to these sperm production pills as they are approved clinically to increase the production of male sperm, improve orgasms, sex drive, and stamina.

The power of porn stars has stopped being a secret! Forget an apple a day, take a tablet a day and all your worries will be left away.

Great, unbelievable sex will help you reach new horizons with Maxatin.

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