Performer5 Pills + Vit5 Pills

Performer5 pills work like a dual system comprising Vit5 that contain all necessary nutrients you may need to experience powerful ejaculation. The Performer5 pills work together with the Vit5 pills and this effective combination can hit the target when man tries to recover his sexual might and when he want to satisfy his partner. It is easier to do with increased semen amount that you get thanks to these pills. Take advantage of united benefits these sperm volume pills feature and make your sexual intercourse fabulous. Let your partner yearn for more sex with it. Enjoy every pleasure life brings and do not exclude sexual aspect from it as it is necessary for happiness.

After you succeeded and achieved bigger amount of semen thanks to this remedy, you will notice that there is much work for your penis as it has to ejaculate all this. With big volumes the quality of orgasms is also boosted. When muscles of your penis have to contract with bigger power to cope with the task, you feel it quite differently. And all this contributes to pleasurable and enjoyable experience. Semen ejaculation becomes determining factor which presents intensity of orgasm every time you have sex.

Performer5 pills employ herbal components using a formula which was created to improve your life and make it brighter. You do not only enjoy sex but other advantages as well. Safety is one of them. You can take the pills without danger of side effects.

In case you decided to feel the taste of life and remember your youth when you had solid erections and great sex, do not forget that you can make it real again. And this is all possible with Performer5 pills. You can become healthier and make your partner happier as you take these pills. They are tested by many healthy men who improved their life with it. Your turn has come to do it too.

When will you see results of volume pills?

Provided you do choose a high quality sperm volume pills you will start to see results within the first couple of weeks of taking the supplement on a daily basis. You will notice a vast improvement in erection quality and hardness, staying power, stronger and more intense climaxes and sky high levels of libido. The longer you continue to use the product the more results you will achieve and although each product works in a slightly different manner, supplements reach their maximum potential after regular usage for 4 months.

Ejaculation Volume Pills

Some men do not enjoy their sexual life when they turn 40 as much as before. Having new partners does not bring new, exciting changes they are looking forward to. It is important to understand that they are responsible for their problems. When did you last go to a health club or eat healthy food? Sedentary lifestyle also leads to health and sex problems. You start noticing that you need more time to respond when your partner caresses your penis and you do not have those powerful and exciting orgasms anymore. Many men start panicking as they do not know whether the condition will improve or go worse. The good news is that the situation will improve if men find time to relax, relieve stress and increase their testosterone level.

Some men may believe that producing more sperm is not important. However, more sperm gives you possibility to have longer and more intensive orgasms. The more sperm you have, the longer orgasm you will experience. That’s why it’s recommended to take Ejaculation Volume Pills. The components of VolumePills increase the natural production of testosterone, which leads to the increase in the amount and quality of sperm. Zinc and Dong Chong Xia Cao are responsible for this process. Other components help in the blood flow regulation, which is necessary for strong and lasting erections.

Enhance Your Volume

When men are aging they should continue having a satisfying sexual life without experiencing ejaculation problems. Volume pills will increase ejaculation and make their sexual life brighter. It is worth knowing that volume pills are suitable for any age because they are safe and contains natural nutrients. Your body will definitely benefit from them as they work inside not just outside of the penis like many other pills. Men will notice stronger erections and more satisfying orgasms because the blood flow to the penis increases when men take these pills.

Nowadays aging men should stop worrying about ejaculating too early, impotence and low sperm count. You can make your sex life as pleasant as it was when you were young. The improvement of ejaculation is guaranteed with excellent new Performer5. Do not let any erectile dysfunction spoil your sexual life.

Even young men may encounter various problems in their sexual life. However, age usually brings more ejaculation problems. If you do not want to ruin your relationship or lose your self esteem, choose Performer5 pills. Thus, you will be sure that your erection is powerful, ejaculation strong and you feel youthful and agile.

Best ways to Increase Sperm Production

It is good to know that a normal man usually produces from 2 to 5ml of sperm at the time of ejaculation, though this amount may become much lower if you have a very active sexual life. Limiting the number of your intercourses is helpful if you want to improve the quality and quantity of your sperm. You cannot produce much sperm every time.

What you will definitely find beneficial is diet full of vitamins and minerals. Zinc is known to be necessary for increasing sperm production. Red meat, pumpkin and celery contain much Zinc. You will improve your health and give your sperm a bigger volume at the same time by consuming products containing Zinc. As you understand, your diet should have products containing this element. Do not forget to drink much water – this will also help product more sperm. If you want to make your body function properly and increase your sperm amount, avoid dehydration and nurture your body. You may get the promising result of your sperm production if you try different volume pills.

You may compare volume pills in volume pills forum, Performer5 is one of these pills. Among Performer5 components you will find Pomegranate extract, Mucuna Pruriens, Zinc, and L-arginine. Many celebrities give preference to this male enhancement product as it is approved clinically, increases sperm amount, orgasm, sex drive and stamina. The power of porn stars has stopped being a secret. Forget an apple a day, take a tablet a day and all your worries will be left away. Great, unbelievable sex will help you reach new horizons.


There are no clear evidences of the interrelation between getting old and men’s fertility, studies do say that older men are less fertile than young ones. An improper way of living, including stresses of physical or mental nature, can also cause the decrease of sperm count. Many mental and psychological factors, stress among them, influence the production of the GnRH hormone, which, in its turn, influences the amount of sperm count.

Drug consumption is one more reason of the absence of fertility or Oligospermia. Research have been conducted, which evidently say that consumption of marijuana and cocaine lead to almost 50% reduction of the sperm count. This is because these harmful products contain elements decreasing the abilities of sperms to move and attack the egg cell.

Among other reasons causing infertility is improper nutrition or lack of some important nutrients, such as Vitamin C, selenium, zinc and folic acid. There are not enough evidences to this, but some studies say that corpulent men also suffer from oligospermia.

Influence of some chemical substances is also negative for the fertility of a man. Among some of the products, which negatively influence the standard production of sperm, are the following: pesticides similar to estrogen (DDT, PCP’sdieldrin, furans, aldrin and dioxins), anoxic radicals and chemical substances softening plastic, including phthalates and hydrocarbons (xylol, toluene, benzol, ethylbenzene).

In order to prevent Oligospermia and other related sperm problems, you are encouraged to try volume pills.

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Low Sperm Motility

A problem of low sperm motility can be discussed in the right place at the right time. Though, men often avoid such topics as sexual life, sexual health even if they are appropriate for the situation. They do not want other people think that they have some problem. Moreover, they are afraid of ruining their image of a strong and masculine guys. They value their masculine pride very much.

Sex drugs aimed at dealing with such issues as erectile dysfunction and male enhancement appeared long ago and have gained popularity over the years. Men who are thinking about having children are concerned about a low sperm count. If a sperm count is not as high as it should be, there may be a problem with conceiving a baby. It is good news that today there is a great variety of drugs and special volume pills designed to avoid such problems as Low Sperm Motility. In order to choose a suitable medical treatment, it is necessary to get acquainted with the term oligospermia and find out which factors may lead to this reproductive health problem.

Volume pills ingredients

Volume pills are used for males to help produce more sperm. These supplements contain only natural, super quality ingredients.

According to scientific findings, if a man wants to increase his sperm count and sperm concentration, he has to maintain a high level of folic acid in his organism. Folic Acid is also essential for retaining sperm DNA integrity. Get enough folic acid and your semen will be healthy.

Zinc is an irreplaceable mineral necessary for men’s health and proper sexual function. Such aspects of male reproduction as semen formation, hormone metabolism, and sperm activity are impossible without zinc. Zinc is responsible for the quality of seminal fluid, semen quantity and activity, and the level of blood testosterone. Lack of Zinc can lead to low sperm production, impotence, low motility and even infertility.

Cnidium Monnier helps to boost male fertility. It is also known for its astringent quality, which prevents premature ejaculation and is good for maintaining longer erections.

Selenium is absolutely necessary for sperm production. It is mostly found in the testicles and the seminal ducts neighbouring the prostate gland. Being an antioxidant, selenium does not allow free-radical damage and keeps tissue elastic.

Volume Pills

Taking pills that help you Produce More Sperm will give you opportunity to provide more sperm cells while ejaculating. This will help you and your partner to forget about infertility.

It is up to you to decide whether to suffer from low sperm volume or change your sex life completely to the better by taking sperm volume pills. You cannot even imagine how enjoyable your sex life could be.

Increase Sperm Volume by trying volume pills, which will make the amount of sperm grow incredibly. To have a better effect you should try penis exercises shown. Releasing the maximum amount of sperm during ejaculation is guaranteed.