Sperm Volume Analysis

Some men have to undergo a sperm volume analysis, the purpose of which is to obtain the information about the volume and the quality of sperm a man is able to generate.

The aim of such analysis is to find out whether the man is unproductive or he can have children. Every couple who can’t have children faces the problem of infertility when there is something wrong with a man’s sperm. Sperm volume analysis is also used to check on the results of both vasectomy and reversed vasectomy operations.

There are some tests that are usually implemented during a sperm volume analysis. Among them are:

1. Sperm count

– The purpose is to count the quantity of sperm in a milliliter (ml) of semen.

3. Sperm motility

– This measures whether sperm cells have good forward movement. Motile density can be measured in a similar way.

4. Sperm morphology

– It discovers the percentage of sperm having the normal shape.

If you should have your sperm analyzed you’ll have to do the mandatory preparations in advance. This implies absolutely no sexual practice which will result in ejaculations for three to five days prior to the semen examination. It will be a guaranty that sperm sample will be of necessary volume and quality. Sperm volume analysis results will be accurate and complete due to it.