Analyze Sperm Quality

A sperm analysis is used to define quality and quantity of sperm of a certain man.

It’s usually performed to find out whether a person is unable to have children or he is infertile. For married couple who can’t conceive a baby, the issues with a husband’s seminal fluid or sperm amount are very common. A sperm analysis is also a method widely used to check the effectiveness of such operations as vasectomy and reversal vasectomy.

Here is the list of tests most commonly performed to analyse sperm quality:

1. Sperm count (or sperm concentration)

It is necessary to identify the sperms quantity for a millilitre of sperm for one ejaculation.

2. Liquation time

This test is conducted to reveal the time spent on liquation. The matter is that sperm is thick at the moment of ejaculation only. The test determines how long it takes for sperm to become a liquid. It can take approximately 20 minutes or about that.

3. Sperm motility

Motile density is one more parameter that should be taken into consideration when a doctor analyses sperm quality. The test reveals the amount of sperm moving ahead normally.

4. Sperm morphology

It discovers the percentage of sperm having the normal shape.

5. Ph levels

This process finds out if the level of pH is low (the sperm is acidic) or high (alkaline sperm, not acidic).

6. White blood cell count

White blood cells are abnormal for sperm.

7. Level of fructose

Fructose is normally present in sperm and this particular check calculates its level. This natural sugar gives the sperm required energy.

Undergoing a sperm analysis takes time to get prepared to, namely the strictly required condition is the absence of sexual activity ending in ejaculation for a period of 2 to 5 days prior to taking such an analysis. Only by avoiding sex for a couple of days before the analysis you will get a reliable result with the highest possible sperm count.

At the same time it is not advised to keep away from sex for a week or two prior to the analysis because period without sex can bring to inactivity of sperm. Refrain from alcohol before the test. Besides, your health care practitioner should be warned about all medicines that you take.

A sample of your sperm is required to analyse sperm quality. You can ejaculate it in a small sample cup either in the clinic or hospital bathroom where the test will be done, or in the privacy of your home. The most common way of the sample collecting is through masturbation into the little sample cup. But you can also do it after sex by either collecting your sperm from a condom (you can put it in a special container to avoid its leaking or breaking) or ejaculating into the sample cup during sex.

If you want to improve your sperm quality and increase sperm volume, use the following hints every day: It is evident that normal level of hydration is necessary if you want your body to work in a right way. Dehydration tells badly on health of the person. The person with poor health is not able to produce sperm with good characteristics. Sperm amount is considerably decreased during dehydration. You will produce more sperm, if you receive enough water. According to the recent data, you should consume 8 glasses of fresh water to keep your body well hydrated and to have the proper sperm count.

And secondly, natural sperm volume pills can really help to increase sperm volume and improve sperm quality. These pills are more than just a mixture of herbs and minerals. They also contain L-arginine, L-glysine and L-carnitine – amino acids that are essential for a healthy sperm count. They also help you to have stronger, rock solid erections by increasing blood circulation to your penis.