Best ways to Increase Sperm Production

It is good to know that a normal man usually produces from 2 to 5ml of sperm at the time of ejaculation, though this amount may become much lower if you have a very active sexual life. Limiting the number of your intercourses is helpful if you want to improve the quality and quantity of your sperm. You cannot produce much sperm every time.

What you will definitely find beneficial is diet full of vitamins and minerals. Zinc is known to be necessary for increasing sperm production. Red meat, pumpkin and celery contain much Zinc. You will improve your health and give your sperm a bigger volume at the same time by consuming products containing Zinc. As you understand, your diet should have products containing this element. Do not forget to drink much water – this will also help product more sperm. If you want to make your body function properly and increase your sperm amount, avoid dehydration and nurture your body. You may get the promising result of your sperm production if you try different volume pills.

You may compare volume pills in volume pills forum, Performer5 is one of these pills. Among Performer5 components you will find Pomegranate extract, Mucuna Pruriens, Zinc, and L-arginine. Many celebrities give preference to this male enhancement product as it is approved clinically, increases sperm amount, orgasm, sex drive and stamina. The power of porn stars has stopped being a secret. Forget an apple a day, take a tablet a day and all your worries will be left away. Great, unbelievable sex will help you reach new horizons.