There are no clear evidences of the interrelation between getting old and men’s fertility, studies do say that older men are less fertile than young ones. An improper way of living, including stresses of physical or mental nature, can also cause the decrease of sperm count. Many mental and psychological factors, stress among them, influence the production of the GnRH hormone, which, in its turn, influences the amount of sperm count.

Drug consumption is one more reason of the absence of fertility or Oligospermia. Research have been conducted, which evidently say that consumption of marijuana and cocaine lead to almost 50% reduction of the sperm count. This is because these harmful products contain elements decreasing the abilities of sperms to move and attack the egg cell.

Among other reasons causing infertility is improper nutrition or lack of some important nutrients, such as Vitamin C, selenium, zinc and folic acid. There are not enough evidences to this, but some studies say that corpulent men also suffer from oligospermia.

Influence of some chemical substances is also negative for the fertility of a man. Among some of the products, which negatively influence the standard production of sperm, are the following: pesticides similar to estrogen (DDT, PCP’sdieldrin, furans, aldrin and dioxins), anoxic radicals and chemical substances softening plastic, including phthalates and hydrocarbons (xylol, toluene, benzol, ethylbenzene).

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