Volume pills ingredients

Volume pills are used for males to help produce more sperm. These supplements contain only natural, super quality ingredients.

According to scientific findings, if a man wants to increase his sperm count and sperm concentration, he has to maintain a high level of folic acid in his organism. Folic Acid is also essential for retaining sperm DNA integrity. Get enough folic acid and your semen will be healthy.

Zinc is an irreplaceable mineral necessary for men’s health and proper sexual function. Such aspects of male reproduction as semen formation, hormone metabolism, and sperm activity are impossible without zinc. Zinc is responsible for the quality of seminal fluid, semen quantity and activity, and the level of blood testosterone. Lack of Zinc can lead to low sperm production, impotence, low motility and even infertility.

Cnidium Monnier helps to boost male fertility. It is also known for its astringent quality, which prevents premature ejaculation and is good for maintaining longer erections.

Selenium is absolutely necessary for sperm production. It is mostly found in the testicles and the seminal ducts neighbouring the prostate gland. Being an antioxidant, selenium does not allow free-radical damage and keeps tissue elastic.