Male Virility

The mixture of man’s semen and his sperm goes on in a man’s prostate. So, if the man’s prostate is defective then it would not work well. It would cause the wrong flow of the semen into the genital system of a woman. This problem is a well known cause of low virility. Genetic problems that happen in most men also cause low virility. It is characterized by chromosome problems. If a man has chromosome problems, this can affect the sperm production and also the cellular division of his body. Erectile dysfunction and ejaculation problems are also factors that go to low virility. Erectile dysfunction means that the man’s penis is not able to sustain its erection that is necessary in penetrating the vagina. On the other hand, ejaculation problem is the inability to produce bodily fluids, which is the semen that contains the sperms, that is required in pregnancy. A lack of testosterone, which is a hormonal disorder, can also lead to low virility. There are some medical diseases that lead to low virility. A fever can affect the production of sperm. Diabetes affects a man’s erection and ejaculation. Hypertension also affects a man’s erection. Men who have heart disease are also most likely to be infertile because of erection problems. Kidney disorders immensely affect the reproductive capability of a male. It affects the quality of a male’s sperm. Genital cancer highly reduces virility. Lastly, alcohol, excessive caffeine and smoking, and stress are excellent reducers of Male Virility.

These causes of low virility can be seen anywhere. It is crucial to take note of these factors that alter Male Virility in order to prevent such problems. Most couples split because of this problem. The life of a female is not full without having her own children. Some couples try to deal with the trouble slowly. They hold the last rope of their patience for the sake of the relationship and love. Still, sometimes women find it more fulfilling if they have their own breed of life. Therefore, they leave the man behind and find another man who is able of fulfilling their dreams. This is the worst thing that could ever happen to a man.

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