Thick & Chunky

Why Is My Ejaculation Thick and Chunky? If your ejaculate is thicker and chunkier than usual it is most likely nothing to be alarmed about. Ejaculate can vary each time and depends on numerous factors such as diet, drinking habits, etc. However, if you feel any discomfort while ejaculating such as pain or burning then you should seek medical attention from a doctor as soon as possible. Do not be embarrassed about speaking to a doctor about your problem.

If you are not experiencing any pain when ejaculating and feel your ejaculate is too thick or too chunky then you can try the following things to thin your ejaculate:

Drink More Water – dehydration also affects your ejaculation volume. If you are dehydrated your ejaculate is not getting enough fluids. You just need more water to increase ejaculation volume.

Ejaculation More Often – if you haven’t ejaculated for some time you can get a higher semen count in it, hence the reduction in water content and thus a thicker consistency.

Don’t Ejaculate To Quickly – when you are sexually aroused your testicles fill up with seminal fluids, also known as precum, which thins your ejaculate. If you ejaculate before precum gets a chance to build up then your ejaculate will most likely be thicker.

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