Virility and sperm volume

A man’s poor erection performance has many causes. The main cluster of its causes are the physiological and the psychological. The physiological group are the ones related to body functions and dysfunctions affecting the capability and power to have an erection. This is the area of concern that virility pills aim to address. The psychological on the other hand are the ones related to the emotional and mental well being.

Most cases are attributed to physiological causes. Many cases of erection problems are effects of diseases common to men, and diabetes tops the list. Recorded medical data claimed that 50 to 60 percent of men afflicted with diabetes suffer from erectile problems. The obvious effect of diabetes is the loss of vibratory sensations in the lower half of the body. The damaged inner walls of the blood vessels caused by diabetes results to hormonal deficiency and inadequate blood supply which is a requisite in having a good and rock-hard erection.

An unhealthy lifestyle also prevents achieving a full-blown erection.

Marital and relationship problems are a common psychological cause of failure to attain erection. Family problems relating to finances, security, and future can be very stressful and prevent the mind and the body to respond accordingly to sexual stimuli. Stress from work, career, or profession is also a psychological root of erection problems. These causes do not always require medical treatments or sex drive supplements like virility pills. A therapy from a psychologist, spiritual adviser, or meditation expert and supplements can help ease the effects of these factors.

Penile implants and injection therapy are the first generation of medical treatment known to have significant wins against health issues of men.

Further studies had led to an improved humanity fight against erectile dysfunction by making it easier, more effective, and time efficient. Probably the most popular of the oral medication there is today is the Viagra. More than its promised benefits, Viagra gained more popularity because of the controversies surrounding it. Viagra is a medical drug, not a virility pills, that is found to have side effects to men afflicted with heart problems and low blood pressure. Flushing, stuffy nose, headache, and indigestion are some of the basic unfavorable effects of Viagra. Usage and intake of Viagra must be under doctor’s monitoring. That is why we can recommend only virilit pills – those small tablets that increase sperm volume and can make your sex life wonderful!