Increase Sperm Volume and Male Fertility

One greatest gift of human existence is life. These words are already worn out, but they still remain as true. Imagine how a single little object that is almost invisible can create a life. It is like a miraculous power vested on every man. It’s a power attached with responsibility. Every day, there are people dying and women giving birth around the world. The death toll increases, so is the number of population. Human beings are said to be created as protectors of the Earth. However, the question is who will be the protectors of human beings? The answer is plain and simple, themselves. Humans are the highest among the creations. Thus, there’s no other way to destroy the human generation, save for themselves alone. It is essential to know how to protect one’s self.

Men should not worry if they are experiencing Male Fertility problems. They must not develop the idea of being useless and limp once they know that they are infertile. Infertility does not signify unmanliness. It’s a health problem that every man should face with all their strength. In order to know the nature of this predicament, a man must utterly understand the factors that lead to the said male health condition.

An ejaculation produces a normal semen volume of 2 up to 5 milligrams. An ejaculation must at least produce 40 million spermatozoa, with 75% of the total count is alive. Meaning, the remaining 25%, which is dead, is considered normal. Therefore, a man needs to produce a total of 40 million sperms in order for him to create a baby. Consequently, a low count of spermatozoa leads to the problems of Male Fertility. So if you need to increase male fertility, the first thing you should think of is to increase sperm volume.

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During sex’s dark ages, it was a grave disgrace for women to make known their sexual needs, desires, and frustrations while for men, declaring to the public how wonderful their sex life was an accepted social norm. However, although sex was perceived to be greatly in favor for the bloodline of Adam, the bias had its fall back against men. A mention of any problem relating to sex and sexuality is an automatic degradation. Only orgasmic, egoistic stories are expected. Then came Reich and his liberating view, and men were freed from long years of bogus sexual domination, towards a more realistic and pragmatic sexual supremacy. One major hurdle that was addressed due to the new found freedom was the issue of ejaculation. The question was widely and loudly aired, how do we ejaculate more? And the world listened and gave focus that was due to it as much as it did to women’s growing sexual cause. And then men, and the world as well, learned how to increase sperm volume.

The amount, force, and quality of sperm varies from each individual, depending on factors like health, stress level, sexual drive, and mental state. Two to 15 milliliters of sperm is the volume range of semen of a normal ejaculation, but 1.5 to 5 milliliter is typical to many. A man will release sperm an average of 5,000 in his lifetime. The average sperm volume in a man’s lifetime falls in the range of 17 to 18 liters.

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